Precinct Chair FAQs

What is a Precinct Chair?

Precinct Chairs are the basic building blocks to any successful political party. Organizing and campaigning are important duties of a precinct chair and entails knocking on doors in your area, phoning into homes in your area and hosting events to get to know the people in your area. Precinct chairs are essential for building the Republican Party. In addition to organizing and campaigning, Republican Precinct Chairs represent their home precincts on the Bastrop County Republican Party Executive Committee. Texas law gives precinct chairs limited official powers, primarily the ability in certain circumstances to fill Party nominations for office that become vacant between primary and general elections (such as the event of death). Otherwise, a Precinct Chair is the primary political agent of the Republican Party in that precinct.

What is the Executive Committee?

While the County Chair is the senior elected party official in Bastrop County, the Executive Committee of precinct chairs is the governing body of the Bastrop County Republican Party and conducts all official party business. The Executive Committee meets at least four times per year.

How do you get to be a Precinct Chair?

Precinct chairs are elected by primary election voters in their precinct every two years to serve a two-year term. Qualifications are set by the Texas Election Code. Between Republican Primary elections, vacant precinct chair positions are filled by appointment (see below).

What are the qualifications needed to be a Precinct Chair?

To be precinct chair, a person must reside in that precinct and vote in the Republican Primary. A Precinct Chair cannot be a candidate for, or holder of, elected office of the federal, state, or county government.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Precinct Chair?

Besides being a member of the Bastrop County Republican Executive Committee, the Precinct Chair is the main contact for the Republican Party in his/her neighborhood. A Precinct Chair should work with Republicans in the precinct, promote Republican candidates and events, and maximize the precinct’s vote for Republican candidates. This includes recruiting volunteers, organizing block walks (door to door) to canvass and distribute campaign materials, phone banking, phoning from home, and encouraging neighbors to vote.

A precinct chair is expected to serve as an election judge in the precinct, or to recruit someone who can serve. The precinct chair also convenes the Republican precinct convention after polls close for biennial Primary Election.

Is Precinct Chair a paid position?

Precinct Chairs are political positions. They are not paid nor reimbursed for incidental expenses.

What is a vacancy appointment?

A precinct that has no Chair is considered vacant. Between Primary elections, a qualified person may contact the Republican County Chair for an application form to fill the vacancy. The Bastrop County Republican Executive Committee’s Vacancy Committee will review the application, usually interview the applicant, and make a recommendation. If approved by a majority of the Executive Committee with a quorum present, the applicant will be the new Precinct Chair for the remainder of the term.